Saturday, May 31, 2008

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This is an attempt to give my blog visitors an inspirational and motivational thought on a daily basis. I'll be copying and pasting some very beautiful sayings of our Buzurgan-e-Deen under the tag 'Drops of Wisdom' with an intention that you people be motivated by them. And all the credit for this would go to ' which has one of the biggest collection of inspirational quotes from the Islamic world, from the books of scholars. Here goes the very first quote:

A Contented Life
Let the days pass as they will
Be content with Allah’s will.
Do not regret what this day’s cast,
For this world’s pains for sure won’t last.
Be a man against fears strong,
Be kind and loyal, all life long.
If in folk’s eyes your faults abound,
And you wish that they be gowned:
Then shelter seek beneath kind acts,
For kindness well all blame retracts.
From enemies hide your weakness
For gloating foes do bring distress.
From misers never seek favor:
In fire there is no water.
Patience won’t reduce income,
Nor fretfulness increase the sum.
Neither pain nor joy shall last,
Nor poverty, nor riches vast.
But if your heart is satisfied
Then you do own the whole world wide.
A man on whom his fate alights
No depths shall save, nor any heights.
Allah’s earth is wide, but know,
That destiny makes it narrow.
Face each day on even keel.
There’s no balm from death can heal.

[Imam al-Shafi`i]

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