Thursday, May 29, 2008

Best Husband Ever In The History Of Man

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said:- ' This life is gratification. The real object of gratification is the companionship of an upright and pious marriage partner. ' (Saheeh Jami Sagheer)

In order to cement his marriage bonds, the prophet peace be upon him applied language to instill love and happiness in the hearts of his wives. Instead of calling her Ayesha, he would call her Ayesh. He conveyed messages and greetings of peace from Angel Gabriel as reported by his wife Ayesha (r.a).(Bukhaari)

The prophet peace be upon him was a loving husband. Ayesha (r.a) talked about the times when she enjoyed meals with him. He enjoyed his meals only when she sat next to him. They drank from one cup and he watched where she placed her lips so that he could place his lips on the same area. She also said that he placed morsels of food into her mouth and she would do the same.(Muslim)

When the prophet peace be upon him left his house-even as he left to pray in the mosque-he kissed his wives.(Abu Dawood/Tirmidhi)

Ayesha (r.a) stated that the prophet peace be upon him visited his nine wives on a daily rotation basis.(Muslim)

Once Ayesha (r.a) accompanied the prophet peace be upon him on a trip. She and He were at the back of the group. They heard the guides in front calling to them and others to move faster. The prophet challenged her to a race (they were on horseback) and she beat him. Then later, on another trip, he challenged her again, and this time, he beat her. Ayesha (r.a) said that she was slender when she beat him in the race; when she put on weight, he knew he was going to beat her and therefore challenged her a second time.(Ahmad)

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was loved and highly respected by his wives. He succeeded to live harmoniously with them all, while many husbands find it extremely difficult to cope even with a single spouse. Abu Hurairah (r.a) reported that a recipe for his success in married life, besides the grace of Allah Ta'ala, was his insistence on spiritual activity in the house. He was constant in his very late night prayers (Tahajjud) and encouraged his wives to observe these with him. When they were reluctant to leave their beds he would drip drops of water softly over their faces to help them to abandon sleep.(Ahmad)

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