Sunday, May 11, 2008

Extreme gentlemen from UK

Before I start introducing this UK based dynamic duo, I would like to let everyone know that they used to be a trio sometime until Jamal Al-Islam formerly known as J-Creed, a former member of ‘The Brotherz’; who has departed from the group after he has realized that the very nature of the nasheed which they had been producing is nothing but an innovation. Irrespective of the departure they’re still the brothers in Islam and have no differences amongst themselves except for their personal interpretation over this long term controversial issue of anasheeds. Hence, the group is no more a trio but it’s a duo now.

Aimen aka Wayne rumi and S-dion aka Usman, formally known as Tommy Evans and Usman, these two rappers clocked up a decade in the music game before eloping from the insidious industry at the height of their fame. Having escaped the matrix to pursue the spiritual path of Islam our protagonists have picked up the pen and mic once again. Hiatus over.

They’re back. They’re ‘The Brotherz’.

Their manifesto: make music without music.

No strings. No wind. No drums. Just the harmonious human voice.

The Brotherz debut CD as a group, ‘Extreme gentlemen’, which was released to acclaim in winter 2007 bursting with ground breaking, wave parting 25th century soulful soundscapes to massage the eardrum, expand the mind and soothe the spirit.

In between performing round the UK, ‘The Brotherz’ are working on their follow up CD; expect creative boundaries to be pushed even further.

Keep your ears peeled for the next installment in this seminal adventure in sound.

Visit their website to know them better:

P.S. - You can listen to their nasheed by visiting my Youtube channel.

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