Saturday, May 17, 2008

Keffi-Yeah! Kraze

Guess Who?

David Beckham

Collin Ferrell


Kristine Dunst

It would be an unjust act to my blog if I neglect writing about the next big thing amongst the fashionaholic, especially amongst those Muslims who love to roll Islamically. Didn’t you get any idea so far of what I’ am talking about? Okay, I’ll tell you without wasting your time and of course mine as well.

The ‘Shemagh’ a.k.a ‘Keffiyah’ or you can say ‘Keffi-yeah’(sounds more cool), is a traditional head wrap originated from the Middle East/ Arabic culture, made up of square, checkered cloth commonly comes in dual colors. The black and white keffiyah, is most commonly associated with Palestine and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, or PLO, where it was made famous by PLO leader Yasser Arafat. You may have always seen jihadist wearing it to cover their faces but now it’s not just confine to the member of Al-Qaida or Hizb but it has gone a step ahead as a fashion item amongst fashionists.

Many Celebes have been spotted wearing these stuffs of late. And the list includes David Beckham, Collin Ferrell, sting, Ronaldo and many more. You can also see kanye west wearing one in his ‘homecoming’ video. Lupe Fiasco always carries it.

Initially, I started carrying Shemagh for some other purposes and yeah! Being unique was obviously one of them. But I really had no idea of any “cool” or “hep” quotient associated with it until a small and unexpected incident happened to me.

Not more than a year ago, I was shopping in a showroom at G.K-2, M- block market. When a guy came chasing me from a floor above me; as I was about to step out of that shop. He called me from behind and started inquiring about the stuff hanging around my neck. He asked me almost everything about it from “what it is called” to “where I got it from”. He complimented me on my Shemagh by saying “it’s so cool and hep, brother”. That was the day when I realized its global popularity among non-Muslims. One could have easily read it from that guy’s face that he was lured by my ‘Shemagh’ and wanted to have one for himself IMAO. But I couldn’t help him much except for giving him right information.

There are several other uses of this large square shaped cloth except for wearing it as fashion add-ons. Below are some various uses which I’ve personally observed:
*It can be utilize as an alternative to prayer rug.
*It keeps you warm, dry and keeps you covered under the sun.
*It gives you a different (unique) image altogether.
*It does pretty much everything, including making you feel and look cool and hep.

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