Thursday, May 29, 2008

MTV Roadies 5.0 - Worst ever!

You all must’ve been wondering, what this heading has got to do with this blog since it’s an Islamic blog? Plenty, I would say; especially for those who’ve just stepped out of the age of jahiliyah. For me such reality TV shows are fitna which is ruining the refinement values that Muslim household is supposed to have possessed. And the reason I’ am writing in this regard is because I’ve noticed my siblings inclination growing towards this show at a time when I’ve started feeling much about my beautiful deen. So, you can understand what goes on into mind when I see my brother and sisters watching this fitna. I’d already decided to dedicate an article to my brother and sisters and apparently, I couldn’t find anything better than this to relate with their life. So, I gotta share it with you all.

Without any doubt let me tell you all that I hate this so-called reality show from the deepest core of my heart for the absurd and vulgar contents that it contains. And I hate it most when I find my brother and sisters watching it together with an intense interest.

I won’t even deny from the fact that back in my days of jahiliyah I used to admire every single thing happening on the show but Alhamdu’lillah, after getting hidayah I’ve totally unplugged myself from this fitna. Right from its first episode I’ve seen this program getting worst than ever before, reaching to a level which has made me concluded it totally ‘HARAAM’. And I’ am finally far away from it. Alhamdu’lillah

Let me just tell you what this show really comprises of:

# You’ll find in it some pretty ladies in very short clothes revealing almost what is supposed to be covered as per Islamic tradition.

# Guys and gals interacting in ‘oh!-so-beautiful’ language which includes 90% abuses and 10% talks. Gross!!!!

# In one of the many awful tasks they have had made some guys stripped their clothes. Don’t know if gals were asked to do the same.

# You can see contestants eating insects and worm alive without even doing them zib’ah. Yuck!!!! Is PETA aware of this? If not, then they better be.

# Contestant putting their life at risk by accepting highly dangerous challenges. I doubt them being real sometimes.

# Whatsoever is mentioned above is mere a glimpse of what it is actually.

Critical review:

I don’t know what background do these contestant hails from. But I wonder how proud their parents would have felt watching their children abusing each other knowingly that it goes on the air straight to the millions of viewers around the world.
Proud parents! Huh...
These people really lack somewhere and I guess; it’s education.

If providing sound knowledge and developing critical thinking capabilities are any goals of an education system, then their attitude on the show highlights the miserable failure of the education system prevalent in the world today on both counts. Someone needs to tell them that using slang in English doesn’t make them educated at all. Where the hell morality has lost? And where the modesty and ethics has gone from the nation of Gandhi? I seriously don’t know what to write more. Hence, I would like to end it all with a request to everyone to sincerely pray for my brother and sisters so that they would also be guided to the straight path and avoid watching ‘haraam’. There may be many more brothers and sisters around the world like my own that are living an ignorant life. I sincerely pray for them all and hope you do the same.

PS- My siblings are not fully ignorant of the deen, they do possess Islamic values in them and they are obviously God fearing and like we all have some grey areas in ourselves, theirs' is what I shared with you all.

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