Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ease v/s Hardship

Asalamualaikum-Peace Be Upon You All

The reason why I’ am comparing between these two term is simple ‘coz I’ve felt both of them happening to me personally off late. Sometimes things do not work for us the way we want them to be. No matter how hard we try turning things in our favor but it actually happens only and only when Allah subhan wa’taa’la wills.

For the past few months I’d been struggling die hard to get my admission done in MBA in the same college where my friends have taken the admission but despite of all the efforts by me, my friends and even my family I wasn’t able to get through. I’d wept all night praying to Allah (s.w.t) to help me out but I never got heard, may be time for acceptance my dua was destined some time later in the near future. I was already having hard time thinking about the matter and satanic tempting just added little more to it. It was quite obvious that how Shaiytan could let this opportunity slip through his fingers without tempting me more than ever before? During those days, Shaiytan has tried very hard on me to disobey my lord for all those futile efforts. Sometimes tempting me to miss my salah and sometimes whispering into my ears to be ungrateful to Allah. But I never fell into the trap of Shaiytan either way. Being thankful to Him always is what he expects from us. And alhamdu’lillah I was upto my lord’s expectations.

My family had lost all hope in regards of that college and decided to get me admitted in some other B-school. They had even spoken to the counselor of other college. But Allah had planned something better for me, because best of the planner is Allah. Day before I had to visit the other college, my Dad received an unexpected call from the desired college. We all were surprised to hear that they’ve called me to appear for the interview one more time. And this time I was granted admission without any further trouble. I have no idea how did it all happen; but it was indeed a matter to rejoice the bounty provided by Allah. All I can sum up is that may be I was being tested by Allah for how much patience and faith do I have in him. It was a trial for me and I successfully passed it.

Islamically what I can concluded from this incident is- To say, however, that Islam is easy and not 'difficult', is not to imply that Muslims will not face 'hardship'-and here the two terms must be distinguished. Indeed, although Islam is easy to understand and practice, the whole purpose of the trial is to make manifest the degree to which an individual is steadfast (and hence sincere) in his submission to Allah As it is also said in Qur’an:
'And We will most certainly test you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of possessions and lives and crops' (2:155).

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