Saturday, July 19, 2008

To sister Tuba (exclusively) and all the visitors as well!

Assalaam'aleykum everyone,
Alright, it’s been a long-long time since I’ve not posted anything new on my blog. So, it might have increased kinda curiosity among my blog-readers, whether I’ am alive or dead. Alhamdu’lillah, I’ am alive but my blog seems to have died of course ’coz of my absence. And I can really smell it!

Well, the thing is that I’ve just taken admission somewhere in some college in some course, which has led me to leave my home. So, the new place where I’ve shifted doesn’t have internet access yet. Insha’Allah within very short span of time, I’ am going to get internet access for sure and will once again bring life to my dead blog.

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