Friday, August 22, 2008

Does it make sense to you too?

Assalaam'aaleykum (peace be up on you)

What you're seeing in the picture above is nothing but one of the four wall of our classroom. And the only thing that matter in this picture is two quotes from two different minds.

An anonymous party-freak had written this (left side of the picture) on a wall of our classroom. It may be that guy/gal was trying to be cool by doing graffiti on the campus wall and that too with sleazy quotes. Or may be guy/gal couldn’t have enjoyed the last party he/she had gone to and realized it afterwards and the message is just a result of his/her agitation.

While moving out of class, I noticed this unwitting piece of work and apparently I was reminded of few verses from Qur’an. Although, I partially agree to what he had written that this life is party, but being loud is not what I advocate. Is life really about being loud? I believe, NO! What I wrote against it (right side of the picture) was my temperament. So, let’s contemplate on what Qur’an has to say about it:

"Know that the life of this world is only a sport and pastime, pageantry and cause of boasting among you, and a quest for more wealth and more children. It is like the vegetation springing out after rain, delights the farmers, but it withers and you see it turning yellow, and then becoming worthless stubble". [Surah al‑Hadid (57:20)].

"Those who want the life of this world and its pomp, shall be fully recompensed according to their deeds during their lifetime. They shall not suffer any loss here. But in the Hereafter they shall have nothing but the fire. All they have done here shall have no value and all their deeds shall be null and void". [Surah Hud, (11:15–16)].

So, you see the co-relation between these two great verses of Qur'an and two different minds. Allah-hu-Akbar
I'll end this post with just one question:
Does it make sense to you too?
If it does than BE LOUD in following the deen. And if it doesn't than BE LOUD in doing whatever thing you want.

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