Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A message to the 'Followers'

Assalaam'aaleykum (peaace be upon you)

Thanks for still visiting my Blog even when nothing has been happening in here. You people really give me a sense of relief with every comment of yours; prompting me to re-consider my thoughts of giving up the Blog thing.


I' m so very sorry for not being able to reply to your most recent comments.


Time and circumstances have been such that I wasn't permitted to pay attention to my Blog.


Right after the Eid celebration I had my end-term examinations, that being one and primary reason for not blogging.


And on my last exam I encountered an extremely unpleasant experience with a good friend of mine that has left me friendless and alone up to some extent. That's another reason for not dedicating my time to the Blog.
Anyway, I'll (insha'Allah) keep my blog updated once I get my life back in order once again.

P.S- Jazaak'Allah!! for reflecting yourself as the only followers of my blog. I'll pray to Allah (S.W.T) that your next eid falls on weekend.

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