Friday, November 14, 2008

'My' Termination

Assalaam'aaleykum (peace be upon you)

Finally, it seems to get over with no hope left for any sort of reconciliation. After realising the consequences I've penned down my mind. So, don't take this piece of writing as a poem/rhyme. You'll be reading my mind and emotion in a written form. 

Harmony in relation

Once temptation

Is now contradiction

Graph of friendship

Should’ve shown inflation

Things turned otherwise

Now I see deflation

Those who’re close

Are now close to separation

Victimization, pre- conceived notion

Of a ‘being’ with no ill-sensation

Left out alone

In the dead ocean

Dead emotions

Not showing any motion

No feud as though

But clash of connotation

Nobody had imagined

But this storm came without invitation

No action has taken

Time’s up for justification

Done with classification

Oh! Now I reflect on my situation

Incredible, though!

But I can smell ‘My’ organized termination

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