Thursday, December 25, 2008

Award Acceptance Speech


What an honor it is for me to have been writing this Award acceptance speech. I am grateful indeed that you have accepted my blog for the ‘Butterfly Award’. I would like to thanks Sr. Tuba particularly for being a regular visitor and also someone named as Falakk . L

To be honest I have no idea of what this award is all about and in fact, the award presenter didn’t not seems to have made any mention of it anywhere.  To me, it feels like a feminine award that is supposed to be given to girls (I’ m just saying!). But I can be wrong in my judgmental.  May I be proven wrong for obvious reason.

Anyway, without delaying it further let me thanks once again to all the visitors and serious readers for appreciating my work. Enough props for ya all. 

Keep on Rolling Islamically!! 


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