Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet and support my 'Hero'!

Assalaam'Aleykum (Peacce Be Upon you)

This is what his family made out of him.----->

<----This is what Islam made out of him.

And this is what Bush administartionmade out of him.---->

These are the photographs of Sulayman-Al-Faris (previously known as John Philip Walker Lindh). He reverted to Islam at the age of 16 after questioning his previous faith i.e. Catholic version of Christianity.

After becoming Muslim he had a desire to study and learn Qur'an in it's original language. And he succesfully lived upto his desire when in 1988 he left for Yemen to learn the Quran. He also studied at some Madarasa in Pakistan.

During his study days in Pakistan, he came into contact with the Taliban guys; who're then fighting against the Northern Alliance. He at that time had developed an urge to help Muslims by fighting against the opression being done by the Enemies of Islam. In year 2001, he formally joined Taliban to fight against the Norther alliance. In that sense and with that intention he was truly serving Islam and keeping up Allah's word.

Let me make it clear that he was never a terrorist but a Soldier of Allah; doing anything and everything for the sake of Allah. During his days as a Mujahid in Afghanistan he suffered enormous atrocities by northern alliance. Shuhadaa (Martydom) remained a dream for this Mujahid when he was captured by American troops after the American invasion of Afghanistan (Post 9/11 invasion).

Media-persons named him 'American Taliban' after he was captured fighting alongide the Taliban by American troops in Afghanistan. He's currently serving a 20-year sentence just because of his connection with Afghanistan.

I may not have been able to describe him and his life the right way. Hence, You can read more precisely about his life here. It's amazing to read how he went from 'liberal' background to 'conservative and staunch' heritage. I would recommend his story a must read for everyone. Reading his life kind of give a boost to my Iman and Taqwa.

P.S You can support him by sending this letter to the President of States.

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