Sunday, December 28, 2008

Observation Observed-Attention Required Urgently!

Assalaam’aaleykum (Peace Be Upon You All)

Below is the observation that I have recently observed:

7 months old blog with 1040 visitors from almost 62 countries around the world, 3 followers, 52 posts with almost 106 comments. But ironically not a single ‘MALE’ comment. YES! this is what I've observed through the stats of my Blog. 

Now tell me seriously-Are brothers jealous of my blog? Or does the content of my blog appeal only to the sisters?

 I don’t know! What is wrong with my blog? May be you people can help me out with this. Tell me the shortcomings that my blog has. Why it has failed to grab brothers’ attention? I swear upon Allah that I didn't start Rollingislamically with that intention. Inputs from sisters are highly welcomed (as they are the only serious readers).

 P.S- It is not only a ‘Sisters’ blog but an androgynous (search the dictionary if found tough) blog. Everybody get that straight in your head!

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