Monday, December 1, 2008

Poetic Jihad

Mumbai has finally got rid of the devilishly attack by the so-called Mujahideen. As per Media’s claim terrorists are made out as Muslims and were on Mission-Jihad. But only Allah Knows what the reality is and who the real culprits are. Going by the claim of media, I’ve written a verse-form on the attack that my country has recently confronted.

I had no intention to make my composition publicly read. (As they are not worth IMO)  But one of my friends announced about it to the teacher in the class when the same topic (Mumbai attack) was being discussed. As a result I had to read it out loud in the class and to my surprise everyone liked and appreciated it. So, here I’ m presenting it to you all. Comments are always welcome no matter they are (+)ve or (-)ve.

Carryin’ guns, grenade and AK-47

Ya claim ya actions

As a ride to da heaven

Only if you knew da word ‘Heaven’

How to spell.

Ya surely wouldn’t have dumped

To da guttering hell

I was taught

Human makes humanity

But I never thought

Humanity would be so brutal



Takin’ guns in da

Name of God

Spillin’ innocents’ blood

And ya call it Holy War

For ya takin’ life’s easy

For me savin’ one is hard

Go cross-check da Qur’an

Before ya get brainwashed

Find me a single verse

claimin’ dis kinda Jihad

People die with their

Loved ones in their arms

Bodies remain there and

Souls get apart

Oh! God

Bring forward real culprits

Of dis blood bath

No wonder if it’s politically motivated

Leaders may enjoy,

But being a Muslim let me hate it.

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