Thursday, January 8, 2009

My biased Newspaper.

Assalaam'aaleykum (Peace be upon you)

<----This is the picture that my daily newspaper (T.O.I) published in their yesterday's edition. It's a campaign by 'World Atheist Inc.' which has recently taken place in London. Irony is that way before this Athiests campaign was launched; happened highly controversial 'Why Islam' campaign in NYC but apparently that never got humble space in any of the Indian newspapers.

How about this picture? --->

This awareness campaign about Islam started in the month of November in Chicago, USA. How is it possible that my newspaper- 'Times of India' haven't come to know about it yet? Or do they deliberately ignore positive news related to Islam?

What do I call it 'Hypocrisy' or 'Intentional ignorance'? I don't know!

Would you (T.O.I) ever care to publish this one as well to please 160-million Muslims in India?

A message to Athiests-It is better and safe to believe in a God and die and then find there is not one than it is to not to believe and die and find out there is. Choice is yours!
Disclaimer: Picture published in Times of India was taken from slightly different angle.

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