Friday, February 6, 2009

All-time favorite holiday destination-Darra Adam Khel


People may long for travelling to Mauritius, Switzerland or some other filthy expensive place to spend their holidays and make it memorable experience of their life. But for me perfect stand out holiday destination would be 'Darra Adem Khel'. Quite possible that 99% of Hazrat Adam's (A.S) living progeny may never have heard of this place. But, this place is KILLING! BBC calls it most dangerous place on the earth. CIA wants to cease it for obvious reasons.

This is world's largest-illegal weapons market.

Wait! Wait! Wait!... I don't intend to join any violent army force out there. I just have a desire to explore the world's largest-illegal weapon market. 

Getting replicas of Klashnikovs, Muzzelettes, RPGs from there is NO BIG DEAL. They are as common as bread and butter are in some other part of the world. You just need to have deep pocket to buy them or may be to try your hands on' em if you want. It's really NO BIG DEAL!

Watch the video below for a thrilling experience:

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